Welcome to the Church of the Resurrection, Alexandra Hills!

Corner Windemere Rd and Newhaven St, Alexandra Hills, Queensland, 4161

At our Church we have a seriously split personality…Church of the Resurrection, Alexandra Hills

The word “Blessed” actually means “happy”. We like to be “blessed” so we try to enjoy ourselves. On the other hand we try to take God seriously too.

We also think that it is important to be relaxed so church services are not very formal. (No one calls our minister “Rev” or “Father”. Everyone just calls him Jonathan).

We take the Bible seriously but we want to be able to apply it to our daily lives in practical ways. We encourage parishioners to ask questions and discuss sermons with the preacher.

We think praying is important. We encourage people to pray and we also have a monthly time of prayer for the Parish on the first Thursday of the month.

So come along (bring the family – everyone’s welcome!) to the Church of the Resurrection, Alex Hills and join us in worship! Click here for service times.